When plans for abortion were aborted

CMI [Creation Ministries International], thank you for bringing a Biblical perspective to these important issues. Abortion is an issue that is very dear to my heart. I am adopted, but was never considered for abortion. However, one of my friends is also adopted. Her birth mother accidentally called an adoption center instead of an abortion center.

My two cents

People usually think of accidents as a bad thing. But in this case, it turned out to be a good thing. How pleasing to see that the pregnant mother changed her mind and avoided an abortion. Sometimes I’m curious to learn about people who found out they were put up for adoption (instead of being aborted); I wonder if most of them agree that abortion is wrong and adoption is right.

I also like how the quote came from a 17-year-old. I say this because when teenagers (of the 21st century) are opposing abortion, then the feminists’ current attempts to indoctrinate girls (by couching abortion as a woman’s “right”) are failing. Hopefully there will be enough politicians to abort the pro-abort position and adopt a smarter way of thinking.

Quote source

Hope J. quoted in Sarfati, J. (2012) Abortion ‘after birth’? Medical ‘ethicists’ promote infanticide. Available http://creation.com/abortion-after-birth. Last accessed 29th Jun 2014.


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