Homeschooling’s power over statist educators

The education elite sees homeschoolers as traditional moralists, raising their children to be traditional moralists. They teach their children truth — truth that the elite doesn’t believe in, doesn’t recognize. It drives them crazy that they can’t get at these homeschooled children.

My two cents

All the more reason to keep supporting homeschooling.

I like how the quote described homeschooling as Christian parents teaching their children truth.

It reminds me of the saying that “knowledge is power”; in this case, homeschooling represents a power that statist educators and teachers unions don’t have access to—and for that I’m glad.

In one sense, this is power over statist educators and their tendency to politicise education, which in turn is fertile ground for indoctrination—especially on social issues.

It also reminds me of a concert, where George Fisher, the singer of Cannibal Corpse (a death metal band) told people to “keep [expletive] supporting metal” i.e. heavy metal music.

But to my mind, that’s not a priority.

It would have been better if he said “keep supporting homeschooling” before he broke into song and windmill headbanging. If he had said that, it would have put homeschooling awareness towards a group that probably hadn’t thought much about it before—kinda like homeschool evangelism.

Quote source

Washburne, T cited in Duigon, L. (n.d) A Quiet Threat to Homeschooling. Available, last accessed 22 Jun 2014.


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