Why creationists laugh at evolutionists

I would like to share with you a quote from an anti-creationist website, the most powerful anti-creation website now is called TalkOrigins:

Nebraska Man should not be considered an embarrassment to science. The scientists involved were mistaken and somewhat incautious, but not incompetent or dishonest.”

I mean come on, what’s incompetent in reconstructing a man out of a tooth out of a pig?

[followed by laughter from the crowd]

My two cents

If you don’t know about Nebraska Man, read this page.

It’s one thing to read good written quotes (like I usually do), but it’s another to hear them. I first heard Emil Silvestru’s quote from an mp3 file I downloaded and played in my car. I think my mother was in the car at the time, and I think she laughed at TalkOrigins’ explanation as well.

If I were motivated, I could put together a video of creationists laughing at evolutionists (or rather, the evolutionist interpretation of the evidence). I’m tired of it being just the other way around—that’s such a biased way of looking at the creation/evolution controversy.

After finding 10 such examples of evolutionist misinterpretations (trying to pass off as truth), I could design it as one of those top 10 countdowns.

Quote source

Silvestru, E. (n.d) The Evolution of Human Evolution. Creation Ministries International. Available http://downloads.creation.com/audio/DrEmilSilvestru_EvolutionOfTheHumanEvolution.mp3, last accessed 8th Jun 2014.


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