More on Christian Reconstruction and Zambia

Our position is what is known as Christian Reconstruction. We believe that the word of God has to be applied to every area of life and action, every area of faith and thought. We are very happy that one country in Africa now has a Christian Reconstruction president and vice president. About 3 years ago both men were prisoners in a cell about 25 by 20 feet, not very big. There were 60 some prisoners in that little hell hole, too many to lie down. No plumbing facilities. The only source of air was from an opening this big in the door, through which food was handed. Peter Hammond was tossed into that jail because he came into Zambia with Bibles, and Peter did what he does best, he preached to every one of the people in that prison cell. When the revolution occurred and then the election, two of his converts in that cell were elected president and vice president…

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My two cents

I think prison ministry is a good thing that’s worth supporting. I mean, just look at the results here attributed to Peter Hammond. It would be interesting to know how many people in that prison cell were converted, either from a different religion, or even another denomination. When I think of prison ministry, I tend to think of prisoners being converted into parishioners. That’s good, but it’s better when some of those believers become preachers, or in this case, heads of state/government.

While being in that prison would have been hellish, it would have been great to hear the preaching going on at the time, and everyone’s responses to it—if any of them were naysayers, cynics, or humanists, I bet Peter Hammond would have had great comebacks against them.

Quote source

Rushdoony, R.J. (n.d). Implications of Biblical Faith Q and A I. Available: Last accessed 19th Apr 2014.


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