Answers in Genesis overcoming its opposers

There’s something I don’t understand here, and what I don’t understand, is that…if secularists go out there and want to go out and build an evolution museum, we don’t go to try and, you know, disrupt their finances, and cause all sorts of problems, I mean they can go build it, they have freedom to do that.

And yet, when we [creationists] try to do something, yeah we had problems with the Creation Museum. A group of atheists tried to stop us and, actually it was a good thing, really, because we lost our first piece of property and ended up with this one, where the Creation Museum is, and it’s far better, and we built a far bigger museum anyway. So as it says in Genesis, about Joseph: what men meant for evil, God meant for good.

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My two cents

I love that second paragraph. I hadn’t thought about linking it with Genesis 50:20, but I think it’s a good fit all the same. If creationists have future setbacks, I’ll have to remember the quote instead of thinking it’s over.

Elsewhere, the linked video talked about how the mainstream media made inaccurate statements about the upcoming Ark Encounter—and then atheist bloggers put blind faith in those statements by parroting them on their blogs. Thankfully Ken Ham set the record straight.

Quote source

Ham, K. (2014) Ark Encounter Design & Bond Update. Available: Last accessed 10th Mar 2014.


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