Empowering children against evolution

But Margaret [McKay, anti-drug activist] found that teaching on creation gives a solid foundation for purpose in life…

When Margaret was teaching, many of her kindergarten children had drug-addicted parents. ‘Even at that age, they had pretty desperate futures mapped out.’

She helped the children by getting some creation resources. The children made a beeline for the books she put in the library. They loved D is for Dinosaur [a children’s book on dinosaurs written by creationists].

‘I read that book to my five-year-olds and they never got sick of it. Every day through kindergarten, I had those books on display and the kids loved them. When videos became available, I found they had more impact than the stories. The kids just soaked them up.’

When her class visited the school library, if a student picked up a book about evolution they would say, ‘Rubbish’, even in front of the librarian, who was an atheist. They would loudly state that they were created by God and didn’t come from monkeys. The librarian would put the creation books out of reach of the children, but the children would ask Margaret to get them down.

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My two cents

That’s a nice buildup to the final paragraph. I hope there can be more kindergarten teachers who take their cues from stories like this. As for the children, it was good to see that they were conscious of evolution but consciously rejecting it at a young age—a positive base to start from and maintain as the children grow older.

It would also be interesting to do a survey of drug-addicted parents and see how many are convinced by evolution.

It was good to see there were creationist books in the school library (rather than just evolutionist ones). This anecdote is a nice counter to a forum post I read from an atheist teacher who was smuggling pro-atheist sentiments into her lesson plans (if only I could find that link again).

Quote source

Walker, T. and Batten, D. (n.d.) Fighting a Good Fight: A Talk Antidrugs Campaigner Margaret McKay. Available http://creation.com/fighting-a-good-fight. Last accessed 15th Jan 2014.


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