Flooding, Genesis-style: unfeasible on Earth, but not Mars?

More evidence has been presented for a “voluminous” flood on Mars, where there is no water today. So why is a comparable flood disfavored for Earth, where water covers 70% of the surface?…

A press release from the European Space Agency shows an image from their Mars Express spacecraft suggesting a megaflood created channels measuring 1.55 million kilometers.  By contrast, Earth’s Grand Canyon covers less than 5,000 square kilometers…

The irony is that they can look at dry Mars and imagine catastrophes orders of magnitude larger!… They can even imagine huge lakes approaching ocean depth, and dam breach events there the likes of which they cannot imagine on Earth. But propose a “Noachian” epoch (lasting one year) on Earth, and they say, Bosh, thatʼs religious myth. As usual, creationists present scientific arguments, and the secular evolutionists respond with religious arguments. Learn to brush away epithets and follow the evidence where it leads. Ask yourself if it is plausible to propose that “giant” and “extensive” deep lakes on Mars sat there undisturbed for millions of years, only to breach their dams and create gigantic canyon systems in a few days of outflow. If global catastrophism is good for Venus or Mars where no water is found, itʼs good for Earth where water is plentiful.

My two cents

I hadn’t realised that Mars was a candidate for large-scale flooding (on a scale presumably larger than a presumed local Mesopotamian flood).

I like the reference to “As usual, creationists present scientific arguments, and the secular evolutionists respond with religious arguments.” Maybe there’s a webpage that indexes more examples like this, because I’d like to read more of them. A while back, I found a quote on that point on much more abstract terms (albeit not with any case studies).

Quote source

Creation Evolution Headlines. (2013). Big Flood on Mars; Why Not on Earth?. Available: http://crev.info/2013/06/big-flood-on-mars-why-not-on-earth/. Last accessed 26th Dec 2013.


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