Ultrasounds show the humanity of the (unborn) child

Planned Parenthood Federation of America and the National Abortion Federation both REQUIRE ultrasounds to be performed before an abortion takes place […]

There is one reason for this. They need to be able to see exactly how far along the woman is in her pregnancy so the abortion facility knows how much to charge for the abortion. There is one reason they don’t want women to see their ultrasound…it is too risky. Ultrasounds expose the lie of the abortion industry. They show that it is not just a “blob of tissue” or a “mass of cells.”

Ultrasounds show the humanity of the child.

My two cents

Head of a fetus, aged 29 weeks, in a "3D ...
Unborn baby at 29 weeks in a 3D ultrasound (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I like it when the visual reality of an ultrasound trumps the rhetoric and red herrings of the abortion lobby. Now that 3D ultrasound is becoming more commonplace, I hope that brings the reality home even harder.

A few weeks ago I had a conversation with a mother of two children. I think she had a 2D ultrasound with her first child, but was able to get a 3D ultrasound of her second child. She had photos of both ultrasounds on her phone, and we got talking. Throughout the whole conversation, I was waiting to see if she was going to describe the images as depicting blobs of tissues, or babies. I’m glad to say that she went entirely for the latter.

I think of the Choices of Life ministry, where they go to schools and show pictures of unborn babies to teenage students. They had testimonies of those students who (also) described the unborn as babies, and not just cells. That’s a really encouraging sign, and I hope that 3D ultrasounds can become part of the ministry’s arsenal.

More broadly, this raises the question of The Silent Scream documentary from 1984. I heard that some feminists criticised that film for being misleading and for the video being open to interpretation (perhaps because video footage from that era wasn’t always the best). If that’s true, then there shouldn’t be any ambiguity in today’s world of 3D ultrasound and high-definition cameras. Will there (or should there) be a remake?

Quote source

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