Compromise on Genesis, compromise on anything

Liberal scholars attempted to save Christianity by compromising on creation, but this only led to compromises throughout the rest of the Bible.

My two cents

Normally I do quotes of about a paragraph in length, but I came across this sentence (actually a photo caption) and thought it would make for a good change of pace.

Lately I’ve been thinking about whether one is supposed to compromise on any part of the Bible; I suppose in that slippery slope kind of way, one could pander to one’s anti-Christian/self-appointed superiors—but I don’t think there’s much to gain from that. In that sense, ‘liberal’ Christianity is exposed as a failure that’s more set on driving a wedge between the true believers and those who are half-hearted.

It often bothers me when anti-Christians use phrases like “taking the Bible literally” or “treating Genesis as literally true”. The next time I hear them say that, I’ll have to counter by describing their beliefs with mirrored language i.e. as “taking Darwin literally” or “treating the works of Dawkins as literally true”.

Quote source

Cosner, L. (2010). Is Genesis poetry? and Who was the father of hermeneutics?. Available: Last accessed 29th Oct 2013.


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