Children who grow up without a mother and father

The idea that a woman could be mother and father to her children — more, that it was her ‘right’ to choose such a lifestyle — led directly to the hopeless plight of often inadequate women struggling to raise children while the men who fathered them were, in effect, told they were free to do their own thing. I was as perplexed by this as I was appalled. I had been brought up to believe the Left stood for altruism rather than selfishness, community rather than individualism, self-discipline rather than the law of the jungle and the survival of the fittest. Instead, society was worshipping at the shrine of the self, and this was causing a rising tide of juvenile distress, crime, emotional disturbance, educational and relationship failure.

My two cents

The Father of My Children
The Father of My Children (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How true that society (or perhaps rather large parts of it) nowadays worship at the shrine of the self. That seems to be a key motivator for social/family/marriage conventions and laws nowadays—and if it harms children, then that’s basically their problem. The second part of that is the left’s endless appeal to ‘rights’ that aren’t so much rights as a make-it-up-as-you-go-along political wish list that turns a blind eye to sin.

These ‘rights’ are passed off as though they are universal, but I think more often it’s a truck of self-righteousness chugging itself into the political sphere, and the engine being lubricated with the oil of loaded terms—it makes for pithy soundbites on the evening news, but that’s a ridiculous moral and political foundation for new law.

I hope we can get away from this kind of humanistic approach in the 21st century and instead be more Biblical—a move like this would help to change the social game from (self-)right(eousnes)s to duties.

Quote source

Phillips, M cited in Ray, J. (2013). Political Correctness Watch. Available: Last accessed 24th Sep 2013.


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