Guidance for choosing a Christian government

And when a Christian people are to choose their government, should they take their pattern from the Nations of the world, we know what an offence that would be to Christ, who intends to rule them himself, by his own divine pattern and direction. Christ is now about to ruin the Roman image; Wisdom therefore it is, to look above all such patterns to find out a Divine Platform, taught by God himself, which he will delight to bless unto such men as shall submit unto it.

My two cents

Two things I like about this quote are the ruination of the Roman image, as well as the reference to looking above all such (worldly) patterns of government and finding out a divine platform. I’ve read modern-day articles suggesting that Jesus was apolitical, but quotes like this from John Eliot precede and challenge that modern-day notion.

That divine platform of government is spelt out in the Bible (rather than, say, through mysticism). I think it is interesting how the world began as a theocracy, and it will become a theocracy again, it’s just this in-between aberration that I’m hoping will ultimately pass…

I hope I can keep finding quotes from old-school sources like this to complement the newer stuff I also find.

Quote source

Eliot, J. (1659) and Royster, P. (editor & depositor), “The Christian Commonwealth: or, The Civil Policy of The Rising Kingdom of Jesus Christ. An Online Electronic Text Edition.” Faculty Publications, UNL Libraries. Paper 19, pp. vii-viii. Available, last accessed 3 Sep 2013.


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