The Creation Answers Book upends the biology teacher

At another [Creation Ministries International] meeting, a teen girl approached Gary [Bates] with some perceived objections [to creationism] including natural selection and mutations. She was quite agitated while Gary explained to her that scientifically these two so called ‘engines’ of evolution (while functioning in nature to bring about variation only within created kinds) are simply not up to the task to transform molecules into man even over the alleged many millions of years.

Eventually the ‘penny dropped’ for her, but to Gary’s surprise, she then revealed that it was her biology teacher at a Christian school who taught these unscientific evolutionary arguments as fact. Additionally, the teacher had given her a copy of Dawkins’ The God Delusion with the instruction to write a review on it.

Although a jaw-dropping moment for our concerned speaker, the young lady eventually left with a big smile and a gift copy of The Creation Answers Book in hand!

My two cents

creation window
creation window (Photo credit: MTSOfan)

When it comes to Christian apologetics, verses like 1 Peter 3:15 have to come to mind. I was glad that groups like Creation Ministries International are doing their talks in different countries, but it was a little surprising that evolution and Richard Dawkins’ books were being pushed by a biology teacher in a Christian school, of all places.

I thought the point of Christian schools was to teach from the Bible, not in spite of it; if the idea was to teach evolution, then a government school can do that just fine. Christian schools (that ape government schools) are like salt that’s lost its savour. so their teaching becomes worthless and trampled underfoot.

This looks like a case where the most important education didn’t happen in a school, but outside of it.

Quote source

Kruger, J and Zins, R. (2013). With fresh momentum—opportunities abound! Lives impacted and changed, and several thousand reached through the Bates tour of South Africa. Available: Last accessed 26th Sep 2013.


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