There are people who defend family breakdowns?

Having experienced how the absence of proper fathering could screw up a child for life, I believed I was doing no more than stating the obvious when I deplored the explosion of lone parenting, female-headed households and mass fatherlessness.

But, to my amazement, at The Guardian [newspaper] I found that over this and many other issues, I was branded as reactionary, authoritarian and, of course, Right-wing.

The result was social ostracism. One of the mentors I had looked up to — a thoughtful person, independent-minded and intellectually curious, or so I had thought — simply walked off rather than talk to me about these issues.

All this was very painful. I was accosted angrily by someone I had previously thought of as a friend. ‘How can you possibly say that family breakdown hurts children?’ he spat out at me. ‘The worst damage to a child is always done by the traditional nuclear family!’

I could only gaze at him, defeated by the stupendous shallowness of such an attitude. The ones who were the most aggressive and offended, I noticed, were those who had walked out on their families or were cheating on their spouses.

This revealed another sad truth about the Left. What matters to them above all is that they are seen to be virtuous and compassionate. They simply cannot deal with the possibility that they might not be.

They deal with any such suggestion not by facing up to any harm they may be doing, but by shutting down the argument altogether. That’s because the banner behind which they march is not altruism, as they kid themselves. It is narcissism.

My two cents

Every paragraph in this quote is gripping…and it gets more gripping with each paragraph. I’m shocked (but not surprised) that there are people who actually think like this about family breakdowns…along with their self-righteous and defensive attitudes towards it.

I hate how there are deluded people who think that family breakdowns are harmless. Why do these people get so off-guard when someone like Melanie Phillips out against them?

Some people complain that “family values” is too vague a term, but I would argue that the quote defines and exemplifies the people who oppose it just fine.

Quote source

Phillips, M cited in Ray, J. (2013). Political Correctness Watch. Available: Last accessed 24th Sep 2013.


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