Totalitarianism in health ≠ a healthy outcome

When I say that the Left is totalitarian, I mean that it is a political movement that moves us away from individual liberty and the unregulated pluralism of civil society toward state control of every aspect of our public and private lives, including state control of the economy.

This totalitarian drift is readily discernible in the policies of the Obama administration. For example, the Obama health care initiative, with its so-called ‘individual mandate,’ will increase government interference in health care delivery and reduce individual options. Individuals will be forced by law to carry medical and dental insurance whether they want it or not, whether they need it or not.

The government, which is not subject to market discipline, will be pitted against private sector health insurers driving up their premiums and driving many of them out of business. The rest of us will be stuck with rationing and inferior care provided by a demoralized corps of doctors who will have no incentive to work hard and long because of government interference with their pay schedules and every other aspect of their professional lives. The drift is toward socialized medicine, i.e., total state control of health care delivery.

My two cents

Socialized medicine
Socialized medicine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I suppose most people equate totalitarianism with the right wing of politics, but this quote makes an effective case that it can just as easily slide to the left, if you look closely.

That’s an interesting point about being forced to carry insurance, whether one needs it or not. I am reminded of the Amish, whom I understand don’t have the insurance policy mentality, but rather when one of their own gets ill, the local community bands together and funds that person’s medical bills.

There’s a lot to be said for the point that Obama is open to hollowing out the institutions in our society, increasingly to reduce it to the individual and the (compulsive) state. The state’s role being to step in as the pre-emptive provider, troublemaker, and then saviour of an individual’s life.

Quote source

Vallicella, B. (2012). Why Must the Left be Totalitarian? Available: Last accessed 9th Sep 2013.


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