Freedom of speech (just not with education)

A moral monopoly is the antithesis of a marketplace of ideas. One sign of this sense of moral monopoly among the left intelligentsia is that the institutions most under their control — the schools, colleges and universities — have far less freedom of speech than the rest of American society.

My two cents

Yes, I think I agree. In the context of education, I keep hearing that if one allows religion any place in the schools, then education will supposedly turn into indoctrination. Funny about that, if religion is taken out (and replaced with a self-conscious secularism or whatever), that doesn’t mean there won’t be any indoctrination.

Rather, someone’s morality will fill the void. To think otherwise is naive.

I’m not convinced that a secular university (for example) will openly encourage debate, dialogue, or conversation on absolutely anything. Rather, it’ll be one set of taboos replaced with another—which will ultimately impinge on people’s thoughts, attitudes and conduct on campus. Not to mention their education and knowledge.

Educated people will understand this—or some of them, perhaps.

Quote source

Sowell, T. (2013). Is Thinking Obsolete?. Available: Last accessed 28th Aug 2013.


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