Palin’s supporters glossing over the main point

Christians across the nation are cheering the entrance of Mrs. Palin, forgetting that, according to the biblical qualifications for a civil magistrate, she as a woman is not qualified to hold this office (Ex. 18:21, Pro. 31:23, 1 Tim. 2:12). We believe that Mrs. Palin’s appointment as civil ruler, and indeed the feminist strides that made it possible, are a judgment from God (Isa. 3:12). We’re already suffering from one consequence of this judgment more severely than America realizes.

My two cents

Todd Palin at the announcement of Sarah Palin ...
Todd Palin at the announcement of Sarah Palin as the VP candidate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I like it when writers get to the point quickly; it’s helpful for this type of blog.

But more importantly, I think the cited Bible verses are often glossed over by many people, so the result is a theological elephant in the room that Christians (and I suppose humanists) don’t want to accept. But I respect people more when they stick to the Bible in spite of any social convention or pressures.

On an emotional level, I love how Sarah Palin took that swipe at Michael Bloomberg’s soda law, but on a rational level, that’s trumped by the Botkin sisters’ exegesis. I guess feminists will play the victim, but that presupposes a humanistic worldview that spawns a concocted attitude of political entitlement—and I don’t subscribe to that.

Quote source

Botkin, A.S & E. (2008). Why Sarah Palin Inspires Us. Available: Last accessed 25th Aug 2013.


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