Liberalism and its semantic gameplaying

“Liberal” as a name for any left-leaning political party is just camouflage. Except in sex-related matters, liberty is in general a very low priority for them. And their attack on sexual mores arose only as a means of tearing down the status quo. Their advocacy of freedom of choice in sexual and reproductive matters soon breaks down if people make choices they disapprove of. The amazing attacks on Sarah Palin’s decision to bear a handicapped child rather than abort it certainly showed no respect for her choice in the matter.

My two cents

I’m not sure that liberalism and liberty are quite the same thing, but I think it was an excellent point that the liberal’s hollow endorsement of choice is exposed when people make choices that liberals don’t like.

When push comes to shove, I wonder if liberalism is ultimately more about control, where as libertarianism is for those serious about choice.

Loaded terms like ‘reproductive rights’ are a case in point; I don’t see the hustlers of that term seeking to overturn China’s one-child policy. I wouldn’t be surprised if many such hustlers would actually support China’s position.

As Andy Schlafly once said, “give it up, liberals!”

Quote source

Ray, J.J. (n.d). The Motivations of Political Leftists. Available: Last accessed 30th Jul 2013.


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