New York’s limitations and North Carolina’s common sense

Not to be outdone by Mississippi, three North Carolina lawmakers on Tuesday filed a bill that would prohibit cities and counties from limiting how big a soft drink can be. Recently, Mississippi passed such a law, “The Anti-Bloomberg Bill,” which took a swipe at New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s effort to limit giant sugar drinks for health reasons. House Bill 683, filed Tuesday in North Carolina, would also protect food manufacturers from being sued over weight gain, obesity or other conditions stemming from long-term consumption. Packers, distributors, carriers, sellers, marketers and advertisers would also be protected.

My two cents

Michael Bloomberg was affiliated with Salomon ...
Michael Bloomberg was affiliated with Salomon Brothers before launching his own firm Bloomberg News and later becoming mayor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I always thought it was stupid how people would think to sue a food retailer for making them obese. I was never convinced by Bloomberg’s media rhetoric that his government had to do something, or else. I liked that video where Sarah Palin pulled out that Big Gulp and drank it—and I wonder if all the North Carolina legislators would have seen it.

It’s not the role of the state to act as a saviour to save people in this way. There comes a point where people are no longer children and they need to take responsibility for their actions—good, bad, or otherwise. When it comes to food and drink quantities, I’m much stronger on personal responsibility.

While the quote is old news now, I just learnt the North Carolina Senate passed the Bill with a 37-9 vote. It was officially named the Commonsense Consumption Bill.

Quote source

cjarvis. (2013). Anti-Bloomberg “Big Gulp” bill surfaces in North Carolina. Available: Last accessed 22nd Jul 2013.


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