What’s good for the Kingdom is good for us

We must set our hope in God and think long term, and as we think about what’s good for the Kingdom of God, and not only what we think is good for us, we’ll abound in hope. Because in reality, if we’re part of the Kingdom, what’s good for the Kingdom is good for us.

My two cents

Catedral africa
Catedral africa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is great, Andrea. The last sentence ties it all together.

It reminds me of two things, the first being those who mocked the Christ on the cross, and the second being certain political/court decisions in our current day. The players in these scenes were not thinking long term but fixated on the present.

I like the insight of interpreting and aligning every phenomenon in history against the Kingdom of God. I suppose this is part of the Biblical philosophy of history.

I think too many people want to separate themselves from the Kingdom of God (if not in heaven, then at least on earth). But I prefer the idea of seeking first the kingdom—and then holding onto it. This is an important principle to have and apply throughout life.

Quote source

Reins, A. (2010). False hope, true hope. Available: http://www.ladiesagainstfeminism.com/for-the-unmarried/false-hope-true-hope/. Last accessed 7th Jul 2013.


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