Deacons doing Deuteronomy delightfully

A man we will call Rev. Baker pastors a church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A few years ago he received a call from a young Christian woman whose car broke down while she was driving through town with her three children. She needed money for car repairs and a motel while being delayed on her trip. When pastor Baker immediately responded to her plea for help with a deacon, the young woman said, “How happy I am to see you! Yours was the 14th church I phoned. Every other church responded by directing me to a government agency. I’m a Christian, and I want to be helped by Christians!”

My two cents

CCP Race Car repair 010
CCP Race Car repair 010 (Photo credit: buhtterfly)

God bless the church that took the Bible seriously (instead of statism). I’d like to  interview the other 13 churches to see what excuses they came up with. And I wonder how many of those churches  reject God’s law while they’re at it.

When the Bible tells people to help one another, it’s directed at individuals and churches, not the state (Barack Obama once twisted this point and assumed it was the state’s role to do it).

I admire the young mother’s persistence and I hope she felt fully rewarded after this experience. I suppose the deacon’s action is the current-day application of Deuteronomy 22:4.

If I were to pastor a church, I’d love to lead a team of deacons doing things like this.

Quote source

Rose, T. (1993). ‘The Great Christian “Baal-Out”‘ in U-Turn. Vol. 1, No. 2. Available: Last accessed 5th Jul 2013.


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