Biblical (not political) correctness wins out

There’s been no firm evidence that there’s a genetic basis for homosexuality. But that’s never been one of our main points in arguing against homosexuality. We believe that people are born with all sorts of inborn tendencies that are sinful. Lots of heterosexual men don’t find monogamy very natural, but we don’t change God’s commands to allow for their sinful tendency.

My two cents

Tray with the Christ forgiving the sinful woma...
Tray with the Christ forgiving the sinful woman in the House of Simon the Pharisee. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I hadn’t thought of it in quite that way before, but I like it. Come to think of it, the sentiments here get down to the core of political correctness and humanism as well.

When it comes to moral debates, there’s a line of reasoning that just because it’s presumed to be natural therefore means it’s OK. I think that’s casuistry.

On a popular, TV soundbite level, this naturalistic casuistry has been pretty effective though (so much for people being supposedly better educated in the 21st century). To get depth, one has to go to the internet to expose it—I like how Creation Ministries International exposes this on their question-and-answer type webpages.

Quote source

Cosner, L. (2013). We’re all ‘born that way’. Available: Last accessed 1st Jul 2013.


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