Success of religious families—again

Christian families also tend to be much more resistant to drug abuse. One major study revealed, in the words of pro-family scholar Allan Carlson, that:

“Low risk families held an unquestioned belief in God, regularly attended church, were father-led and authoritative, had more children, and had mothers who gave first priority to their home and family. ‘High risk’ families, in contrast, had mothers who were employed and gave priority to meeting their ‘human potential’, had fathers who were ‘overly intellectual and took on mothers’ functions,’ and were skeptical about God and rarely attended church. Simply put, intact, religious, traditional families successfully used ‘protective measures to ensure that external influences will not affect family unity'”

By virtually every measure – educational achievement, crime rates, alcohol usage, emotional well-being, and even physical health – a growing body of research shows that those who fare best, both children and adults, live in intact families marked by their commitment to God.

My two cents

Patriarch Jacob and family
Patriarch Jacob and family (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I first came across this quote a few months ago. I filed it away, then forgot about it—until tonight. I see it as a continuation of a past entry I made on the success of religious families.

I like how this new quote refers to father-led families—just like the Bible teaches.

I like how it refers to large families—just like the Bible teaches.

I like how it refers to mothers giving first priority to their home and family—just like the Bible teaches.

If only I could have grown up in a family that fired on all cylinders like that. I can’t go back in time to change the actions of my parents from years ago, but I’d love to start a family that lives along the lines of the quote. For example, I am constantly daydreaming about what it would be like to have a homeschooling family and we’d read the Bible as a family unit every day.

Quote source

Kaufman, M. (1992). Some Families Are Alive and Well. Available: Last accessed 5th Jun 2013.


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