The square peg of Eve and the round hole of theistic evolution

The first problem with theistic evolution is that it is difficult to square with the account in Genesis. Even if theistic evolution can explain the origin of Adam, it cannot explain the origin of Eve.

My two cents

Modification of Image:Huxley - Mans Place in N...
Modification of Image:Huxley – Mans Place in Nature.jpg Gibbon now shown at natural size. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nicely put. I always thought that ‘theistic’ evolution was a copout. I thought the point of pushing evolution was to get rid of supernaturalism in the first place and explain speciation and taxonomy in  purely naturalistic terms.

I’d like to know how many people in the 19th century, on getting a copy of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species read it and thought, “of course, the Bible was teaching this descent from a common ancestor bizzo all along—this affirms my faith in a creator and the book of Genesis!”

In a recent post, I asserted that Deism and Unitarian Universalism were copouts. I now think I’ll add theistic evolution to that pile as well. The next task (if I ever get around to it) will be to assess progressive creationism; I’m told it lines up with the book of Genesis.

Quote source

Messianic Drew. (2011). A Look at Theistic Evolution. Available: Last accessed 1st Jun 2013.


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