Jason Lisle remembers Matthew 5:18-19 (not just 5:17)

But we dare not set aside a law of God, lest we be considered very “small” in the kingdom of heaven.

This verse [Matthew 5:19] should motivate us to be very careful if we tell others that they don’t need to obey a particular biblical law. We had better be certain it’s a law that God Himself has set aside in later revelation. The result of setting aside a law of God (one that God Himself has not set aside) and teaching others to do the same is an eternal one; being considered “least” in the kingdom of heaven.

My two cents

Institute for Creation Research in Santee, CA
Institute for Creation Research in Santee, CA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This comes from Dr. Jason Lisle, whom I first saw in a DVD called God of Wonders. In it, he made the point that God is eternal, and therefore no-one created Him. (As a side note, when disingenuous atheists have faith—it’s faith in a created God.)

More recently, I came across the Institute for Creation Research (ICR), where I have started reading a few articles. Then I think I came across Dr. Lisle’s personal blog after that. Imagine how pleased I was to see his support for Biblical law on his blog. I hope he will continue to write articles more often on his personal blog—in addition to his work with the ICR.

Quote source

Lisle, J. (2012). God’s Law: Established in Christ. Available: http://www.jasonlisle.com/2012/02/03/gods-law-established-in-christ/. Last accessed 24th May 2013.


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