Understanding Satan as a pretender (not contender)

First off, a little background about the book of Job. Christian theology does not state that God and Satan are in any way equals or counterparts. All angels, including Satan, are inferior created beings who are as helpless to resist God’s omnipotence as we are.

My two cents

Yes, I hate it when people give an inflated sense of power or fear to Satan. What, so people are going to hell for not respecting him?

The same goes for Armageddon—yes, there will be trouble for humans (especially the gullible ones), but the final battle isn’t going to be some competitive prize-fight where an evenly matched battle between good and evil means that Satan gives Yahweh a run for his money. Instead, the outcome has been predestined to be a crushing defeat. To use some leetspeak, Satan will be pwned.

I’ve also heard of a devouring lion, yet lions were pretty weak competition for mortals like Samson.

Finally, I hate how there are Christians who will say God’s name in vain—but never Satan’s. This needs to stop.

Quote source

The Messianic Drew. (2011). Did God Create Evil. Available: http://messianicdrew.blogspot.com.au/2011/08/answering-tovia-singer-did-god-create.html. Last accessed 6th May 2013.


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