An honest definition of diversity (finally)

Leftists love to talk about “diversity.” What they prefer to practice, however, is strict intellectual and moral conformity.  That is, they are all for diversity, especially for enforcing diversity, when it’s a question of assuring that their agenda is being carried out…

Leftists hate talk radio. Why? Because it represents an independent source of opinion, a source, moreover, that is at once extremely popular and (from the perspective of the leftists) politically heterodox. This is not a secret. We’ve seen Leftists try to put popular talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh out of business. But the attack is far more broad-based. What drives Leftists to distraction is the thought that someone, somewhere entertains a thought that differs from the thoughts they ought (according to leftist gospel) to entertain.

My two cents

I am in strong agreement with the first paragraph. If you seriously support diversity, than you won’t have political enemies. You’ll only get them if you oppose diversity.

Supporters of diversity expose their hypocrisy when they label their enemies as the “diversity haters”. If you love diversity, then you won’t impose restrictions on other people’s viewpoints (especially in law or public policy). But, if you’re hiding behind code words, you will impose restrictions and preserve the us versus them mindset (how ironic when diversity poses as an us with them mindset).

Kids play the game where they think of the largest number. One will say infinity, and another will win by saying infinity plus one. Adults forget this: one will claim diversity, but another will win by enforcing diversity minus one. This shows that ultimately, there is no equality, there is only hierarchy. Someone’s (not everyone’s) morality will come up trumps at the expense of others. (Equality being another of those hypocritical code words.)

The upshot: if you’re going to oppose a concept, be up front. Don’t use smoke and mirrors.

The very fact that diversity is imposed (usually by leftist universities or states) ought to raise a red flag. Imposition is, by definition, an affront to diversity, and the antithesis of live and let live. I wouldn’t be surprised if imposing diversity becomes the grease that turns the wheels of thoughtcrime.

More widely, how much of leftist rhetoric depends on the triad of loaded terms, code words, and emotional manipulation? I think it’s a fair bit. I could put a list together of all such tropes one day.

The second upshot: when it comes to diversity, there are two types of people: those who oppose it, and those who oppose it.

(If you think that’s a typo, you don’t understand the sentence.)

Quote source

Kimball, R. (2013). The Next Target of Leftists: Talk Radio. Available: Last accessed 1st Apr 2013.


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