Rationalists’ selective grasp of eternity

(quoting RationalWiki)

Brian [Sapient] returns to Ray [Comfort]’s points regarding everything must have a creator. If all things require a creator, then who created god?

(quoting bonald)

“Who created God?” and “What if human beings are more perfect than God?” are nonsense; someone who said them would betray that they don’t understand what we mean by “God”.

My two cents

Eternity II
Eternity II (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve noticed a habit of rationalists asking the “who created God” question, as though it were worthy of a pat on the back.

Theologically and philosophically speaking, the question has as much value as a proverbial Uncle Joke; it might impress a youngster (or a fellow rationalist), but for everyone else, it shows a (likely wilful) ignorance of Christian theism.

Interestingly, the original quote source demonstrated that the rationalist grasped full well the concept of eternity; he ascribed it to energy and matter without any problem.

Elsewhere, his organisation wrote articles that challenged Van Tillian presuppositionalism; the article went into a high level of technical/philosophical detail. With that track record, you’d think that comprehending concepts such as the eternity of God would be achievable—especially in a debate against Christians. And yet, this concept wasn’t grasped!

By presupposing that God would exist (only) in time, such rationalists are feigning ignorance on this one. It makes them look theologically feeble and it does little to convince Christians of rationalism.

This intellectual charade needs to be spotted and rooted out.

Quote sources

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