Decriminalisation vs. legalisation in the humanistic state—yeah, but no, but yeah

Progressive politicians always want to control what we eat, drink, or otherwise take in. So why do they want to legalize marijuana?

Over these past few years what has been the main theme of the leftists concerning the American people and our health?

We hear from that knucklehead Mayor of New York City, that buying a 17 ounce soda is bad for your health, so he banned them.

The usurper’s wife [Michelle Obama] continues to try to control eating fast foods while traveling all over the globe, searching, I guess, for the perfect health food…

And smoking cigarettes? How could any self-respecting leftist politician allow the people to harm themselves using such a vile substance?

The list of dangerous things we are being protected from goes on and on and on, until we get to: marijuana.

My two cents

Day 46 - West Midlands Police - Cannabis Drugs...
Day 46 – West Midlands Police – Cannabis Drugs Raid (Photo credit: West Midlands Police)

I don’t think every last “progressive” politician is pushing for the legalisation of marijuana, but this quote makes a good point of how humanistic governments, when doing away with Biblical law, can’t help themselves in refilling the void—with new laws based on grandstanding, posturing and a nanny state mentality.

In one sense it reminds me of my workplace, in which a group of people came up with a ‘healthy eating policy’ for when staff are hosting visitors, running a workshop, or having a special event, etc.

In short, it means that lots of fruit gets served, but a lot of times there’s a whole heap of fruit left over. Then one employee is asked to go around the office and ask if anyone wants a leftover slice. A few people take some, but everyone else says no, and the rest gets thrown away. Lots of people then make jokes about the policy and how it doesn’t really change anyone’s habits.

Then there was this other time when chocolate muffins were given out for something (which I thought would go against the policy).

They were gone like hotcakes.

Quote source

Kehoe, D. (2012). Marijuana – why make it legal? Available: Last accessed 23rd Feb 2013.


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