Did Jesus forgive his debtors?

(quoting Gerald Sigal)

It is clear from the Gospels that Jesus never forgave anyone who wronged or criticized him. At best, he only forgave those who wronged others. Whenever an opportunity arose to personally forgive someone, he always declined.

(quoting Rational Christianity)

Critics allege that while Jesus taught that we should forgive others, he never actually forgave anyone who hurt him, but instead cursed his enemies.

Jesus forgave those who hurt him on numerous occasions. He explicitly forgave his crucifiers and implicitly forgave Peter for disowning him. Furthermore, if Jesus is in fact divine, he was forgiving those who had wronged him every time he forgave someone’s sins, for sin is itself a wrong against God. He even stated that any sin against him (the Son of Man) would be forgiven.

My two cents

Crucifixion Christ Cross Mormon
Crucifixion Christ Cross Mormon (Photo credit: More Good Foundation)

The first quotation is fairly easily refuted by the second quotation, and for that I’m glad. It’s interesting when critics of Jesus assert “it is clear…” regarding his attributes, only to get it wrong anyway. We should forgive them, for they know not what they are doing.

Quote sources

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