Success of religious families

 Let me note the brighter side. Some weeks ago I divided a stake [an administrative unit composed of multiple congregations]. In the process of searching for a new president of each stake, I interviewed 29 men and found that all 29 had been sealed for eternity. They had 121 children, the average 4.3 children per family (or 6.3 persons per family). There was not a single divorce in the whole group; there were no broken homes in these 29 families. Every child of the 121 had two parents; neither death nor divorce had broken these homes. All of these 29 men were fairly well employed, fairly well housed; 43 of all the children were teenagers, but there were no serious problems among them, no drugs nor drinking nor smoking. Everyone was faithfully moving toward his exaltation.

My two cents

Family Portrait
Family Portrait (Photo credit: Gideon Tsang)

What an encouraging report on these families. It’s proof that strong Christian families are entirely possible. Imagine a congregation where the parishioners have this kind of stability. It’s a welcome contrast to other webpages I’ve read that say the church (or perhaps rather certain churches) are really no different to the world in terms of divorce rates and broken families.

I also like how these are larger families with many children. To switch denominations and use a Vision Forum term, this would be a strong foundation for multigenerational faithfulness that pretty much every church should aspire to.

Quote source

Kimball, S.W. (1975). The Marriage Decision. Available: Last accessed 5th Feb 2013.


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