Feminist failures on campus

However, something new and interesting has begun. Different issues and perspectives are coming to the fore on the campus, issues that are of interest to most students, who are much more diverse. They are much less narrowly political and perhaps more broadly philosophical. For example, at the University of Sydney there is an anti-abortion club, established despite the fury of ideological feminists who tried to have the constitution changed so the university would not allow the club to exist. Another such club is being established at the University of NSW [New South Wales].


Nor is the youthful anti-abortion movement attached to a narrow religious base. It is more attached to an idea of engaging in the fundamental questions about human life, and what constitutes human rights.

My two cents

English: The Darlington Centre, located in the...
The Darlington Centre, located in the Institute Building at The University of Sydney. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What a pleasing development on university campuses. It was annoying (but not surprising) that feminists would seek to prohibit the free exchange of ideas in a university, but I for one am glad that their attempts failed. Surely “pro-choice” wasn’t meant just in a selective and exclusionist way.

I also like how the anti-abortion movement on campus was defined as youthful. This shows that it’s ongoing and enduring, while showing that feminists of previous generations didn’t have a monopoly on what constitutes right and wrong (as far as campus ideology is concerned).

Finally, it was encouraging that the cited newspaper article was written by a woman who was open enough to show the shortfalls of university-style feminism. Feminists will often speak of the “last bastions” of male organisations—but let’s extend that to the last bastions of feminist campus hegemony as well.

Quote source

Shanahan, A. (2012). Ideology-free is how a campus should be.Available: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/opinion/columnists/ideology-free-is-how-a-campus-should-be/story-fn562txd-1226473698273. Last accessed 30th Jan 2013.


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