Law enforcement and technology for Jesus

In 2008, a security device distributor offered its surveillance cameras and GPS devices to 200 non-profit religious institutions for a month’s use gratis [for monitoring public Nativity scenes]. GPS protection has met with some success. In one case, after a life-size ceramic nativity figurine disappeared from the lawn of a community center in Wellington, Florida, sheriff’s deputies tracked it to an apartment where it was found lying face-down on a carpet. An 18-year-old woman was arrested.

My two cents

Australian Nativity Scene by artist Wilson Fer...
Australian Nativity Scene by artist Wilson Fernandez (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

God bless the security service distributor, whose name I don’t know. God bless the police, who are making sure that disrespect towards Christianity is punished with the weight of the law. I really like how GPS technology can be used in this type of way.

On a theological level, I’m not sure if Jesus was actually born in late December, but I like how we can have public reminders of the Nativity. I also like it when Christmas light displays in my local area show the Nativity, and not just the generic Santa/reindeer stuff.

Quote source

Wikimedia Foundation. (2012). Baby Jesus theft. Available: Last accessed 22nd Dec 2012.


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