The church as a torch—not a lens cap

The church is not made so that there can be a safe ghetto into which people can run and escape from the world, but so that God can shine out his light into the world, exposing (among other things) the ways in which the world has structured itself into darkness.

My two cents

English: This image was taken during 2008
This image was taken during 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let there be light indeed! I wish all the theonomic churches in particular would be like this.

I can think of a non-theonomic church near where I live. They rent out a hall, and on one side of the building, it has tall windows that face out onto a park. A number of people use the park, but the church ends up rolling the blinds down during services, and the park’s users don’t see what’s going on inside the church service.

That’s what I call the lens cap approach to church. I think that such churches should do the opposite, wind their blinds up, and that way many non-believers might see it, become curious to see what’s going on, and maybe even go inside.

I love it when biblical Christianity is out there in the public realm. It’s probably why I find open-air preaching so interesting. I think they used to do that all of the time a century or two ago, and then it seemed to disappear to inside a walled structure. A humanistically-inclined society needs constant reminders of Christianity in every (spatial) area of life.

Lens caps be damned.

Quote source

Wright, N.T. (1989). How Can The Bible Be Authoritative? Available: Last accessed 16th Dec 2012.


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