Cheerleaders cheering for the Bible

“A judge ruled Thursday that cheerleaders at an East Texas high school can display banners emblazoned with Bible verses at football games, saying the school district’s ban on the practice appears to violate the students’ free speech rights. District Judge Steve Thomas granted an injunction requested by the Kountze High School cheerleaders allowing them to continue displaying religious-themed banners pending the outcome of a lawsuit, which is set to go to trial next June 24, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott said. Thomas previously granted a temporary restraining order allowing the practice to continue.

My two cents

This is fantastic and may God bless Steve Thomas for granting the injunction. I hope there can be more parts of the world that think and operate like this.

The linked article also has a shot of cheerleaders putting up their banners, and I like how the caption for that photo reads “Cheerleaders at an East Texas high school are free to employ the word of God to help smite their opponents”. It’s a pleasant surprise how the cheerleaders didn’t put up banners for the team (at least on its own), but rather for God and religion.

This action has opened up a new way of seeing for me when it comes to sport; I suppose it’s a practical example of faith for all of life, like when people put up John 3:16 signs at stadiums. It might be the only way that some sports fans are exposed to the Gospel message. I fully support what the cheerleaders are doing and I’ll be interested to see how next year’s court case turns out.

Quote source

Associated Press. (2012). Cheerleaders win approval for Bible banners at football games. Available: Last accessed 22nd Nov 2012.


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