Darwinism in the classroom: a sinking ship?

The reason why it has never bothered me that Darwinists control the public schools is simple: When you place your faith in government-run anything, you will lose the war. Darwinists have become reliant on an institution that is getting inevitably worse. They like to imagine that have scored victories by keeping rival views out of the public schools. They control the steering wheel of the Titanic. But some of the passengers are moving toward the lifeboats: the Internet.

How many K-12 home school curriculum programs are based 100% on Darwinism? The next one will be the first.

My two cents

Darwinism (Photo credit: Lynne Hand)

While there might be some non-Christian (or humanistic) parents who homeschool their children, I get the overall impression that homeschooling has re-emerged because the state took a politicised and humanistic approach to education that sought to flatten any Biblical model.

That leads to the following political question: what would be the most effective move by an incoming government in a reconstructed society? To stop teaching Darwinism in schools (while maintaining state funding), or to stop funding federal education departments altogether?

There was a time when nobody looked to bureaucracies to set the tone; rather, it was the responsibility of individual parents, families, the Levites, or the church. If that’s correct, then I’m inclined to oppose state funding of education altogether. That would be in line with the limits of biblical taxation as well.

I wonder if I can meet people in who can detach themselves from the state like this.

Quote source

North, G. (2012). 85% of Americans Reject Darwinism. Available: http://teapartyeconomist.com/2012/09/27/85-of-americans-reject-darwinism/. Last accessed 4th Nov 2012.


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