A church establishes a powerful political presence

It [The Cottage Hill Baptist Church in Alabama] has 6,000 active members, and it is the kind of fundamentalist Christian church whose congregation, in times past, would have avoided public issues and the political realm. But those times are gone. Cottage Hill, in loose alliance with dozens of other evangelical churches here, has come to be a powerful political presence in recent years, and [Dan] Daniels is its moral point man.

It was he who organized the letter-writing campaign that swamped the state and local school boards with protests against secular humanism…

My two cents

In the thick of the street festival, some demo...
In the thick of the street festival, some demonstrators used the occasion to get their message out. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If I could go to America one day, maybe I could visit a place like Cottage Hill Baptist Church. I hope they’re still politically active like this, along with that loose alliance of other congregations in the local area.

The source of the quote was a newspaper article called Man challenging humanism in answer to God’s call—I love that phrasing. I couldn’t imagine my local newspaper putting a godly slant on an article like that, but at least there are other places in the world that do it. Looking to the future, I think the decentralisation of the media (through the internet) allows this sort of thing to reach a worldwide audience.

Also, I remember the rap group Public Enemy, which had an album called It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold us Back; I wonder if that phrase can also be used to describe the power of Christian political activism.

Quote source

Clendien, D. (1986). Man challenging humanism in answer to God’s call. Lakeland Ledger, Oct 19, p. 8B. Available: http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1346&dat=19861019&id=w7xOAAAAIBAJ&sjid=vfsDAAAAIBAJ&pg=6956,1121296. Last accessed 12th Oct 2012.


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