The Latter Day Saints and their sense of community

The way the Latter Day Saints have achieved self-perpetuation has not primarily been through conversion but through organic growth from within. Being encouraged to have large families plays a key part in this process, but even more significant is the fact that Mormon children are raised, not simply to accept their parents’ religion, but to love it…One major reason for this is the sense of community shared by those within the movement…The Latter Day Saints look after each other, put a high premium on loyalty to the extended family, practice hospitality in one another’s homes and intentionally structure their parishes in a way to facilitate a sense of community among their members. Children growing up in this environment simply do not want to leave it.

My two cents

the church of jesus christ of latter-day saint...
the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints, burpengary (3) (Photo credit: bertknot)

A great description of a Christian community. I like the concept of having a religion and loving it. The Latter Day Saints have done an effective job of growing their congregations. I hope Mitt Romney can beat Obama and be a better Christian than Obama half-tried to be (which shouldn’t be that hard). I also like Brigham Young University, and how Eli Herring declined a professional sports career since it would interfere with the Sabbath. Finally, I also like the speech entitled To the Mothers of Zion by Ezra Taft Benson back in ’87.

Quote source

Phillips, R. (2012). Robin’s Readings and Reflections: The Sweetness of Mormonism. Available: Last accessed 20th Sep 2012.


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