Biblical requirements for pastors and their families

One of the obvious failures of almost all denominations and local churches — a failure which goes back to the early church — is the unwillingness of church authorities to write into their denominational handbooks guidelines defining successful rule over a family. The modern churches place great emphasis on where a man went to college or seminary, on whether he can raise money, or on whether he can deliver a red-hot sermon. The Bible puts little or no emphasis on any of these factors. It puts emphasis on the leader’s abilities as the head of his household.

My two cents

childrens sermon (and yes, the pastor's dog is...
Children’s sermon (and yes, the pastor’s dog is also one of the kids) :) (Photo credit: tray)

It’s interesting how some people have a kind of wish list when they go shopping for a (new) church, but I wonder if they have a list for pastors. I agree that a pastor’s shepherding over his family is very important; I would second-guess a pastor who divorced over “irreconcilable differences”, for example.

I know of one famous evangelist who has been married four times, presumably having been divorced three times. I also know of a famous pastor who was divorced once. The latter I understand will never remarry. I guess that’s better than the evangelist, but both of their actions mean that I would wouldn’t look to either for family or marriage advice.

Quote source

North, G (1994). Unconditional Surrender: God’s Plan for Victory. 4th. ed. Tyler: Institute for Christian Economics, p. 183.


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