Denying the authority of Scripture, denying the poor

The ‘bottom line’ is that ministries that feed the hungry are supported and fueled largely by Christians who believe that the Bible is true and accurate. A World Vision representative once told me that the vast majority of their support comes from Bible-believing churches. Even within a particular denomination split into ‘liberal’ (i.e. denying the full authority of Scripture) and conservative wings, it is the conservative branch that overwhelmingly supports the physical needs of people in poor countries. Isn’t that interesting? Liberal churches and spokesmen bleat a lot about sharing of resources with the needy. What they often mean is big governments stealing from your pocket to give to others. When it comes to actually dipping into their own pockets to give real help, they lag far behind their Bible-believing counterparts.

My two cents

English: Friendship Baptist Church - "a B...
Friendship Baptist Church – a Bible Believing Church. Bloomington, Indiana. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The more I read about the clash between Christianity and statism, the more I believe it; charity is a textbook example. I can think of a workmate who talks about income disparity, and when it comes to solving it, the connection is constantly made to state intervention—not to personal charity. Unsurprisingly, this workmate is anti-Christian, but it’s frustrating when Christians adopt that way of thinking as well.

It all reminds me of that book by R.J. Rushdoony called  In His Service: The Christian Calling to Charity. (And that’s personal charity!)

Quote source

Wieland, C. (n.d). ‘You should be feeding the hungry’. Available: Last accessed 12th June 2012.


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