Elias Wen: spanning three centuries

He was born in the XIX century, baptized in the XX century when the Russian Church was undivided. He survived the division in the Russian Church and the takeover of his Homeland by communists and reposed in the XXI century. By God’s mercy his repose took place a few weeks after the Russian Church became one again.

My two cents

English: The Russian Orthodox Church Outside R...
The Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia chapel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Elias Wen was a Protopresbyter (archpriest) in the Russian Orthodox church. I can’t remember how I came across him, but I enjoyed reading about him. He lived to the age of 110, and was able to conduct Sunday services until the age of 100. He reminds me of verses in the Old Testament which say that if you obey God’s law, then you will live a long life. As for New Testament verses, he reminds me of making disciples of all nations. It was good to read about the unification of the Russian church (in the quote source) as well.

When readers think of Russian Orthodox priests, I reckon they think of Russian men who live in Russia, but Elias Wen was a Chinese man who lived in China (and Hong Kong). That’s great, because it showed Christianity reaching throughout the world.

On a final note, the quote’s use of Roman numerals reminds me of some old-time Bible commentaries I have. Has anyone noticed in older books, when they quote Bible verses, they often the cite the chapter in Roman numerals, followed by the verse in Arabic numerals?

Quote source

Perekrestov, P. (n.d). In Memoriam: Protopresbyter Elias Wen. Available: http://www.orthodox.cn/contemporary/shanghai/frelias_en.htm. Last accessed 9th Jun 2012.


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