Theistic evolution as a Trojan horse

The hermeneutics behind theistic evolution are a Trojan horse that, once inside our gates, must cause the entire fortress of Christian belief to fall under the humanistic sword.

My two cents

COTSWOLDS JUL 2012 065 (Photo credit: dlpruk)

This quote is short, and I think I agree with it. Wasn’t it Richard Dawkins who said that people who believe in God and evolution at the same time are ‘delusional’?

There’s a guy at my workplace who I think is Christian and he’s a fan of popular science. According to a mutual friend, my workmate mentioned that faith and reason were compatible—but I wasn’t sure if that was specifically relating to evolution or something else. Perhaps I should ask him directly, and what he also thinks of the statement attributed to Dawkins.

Quote source

Phillips, R. (2010). Theistic Evolution: A Hermeneutical Trojan Horse.Available: Last accessed 25th Jul 2012.


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