A perceptive view of feminism souring churches

We also agree with Professor [David] Gushee’s perspective that Sarah Palin’s nomination offers conservative Christian leaders the chance to reexamine their views on the role relationship of men and women, but for very different reasons. Gushee hopes that it will cause conservative evangelicals to jettison their “archaic theological vision that wounds millions of devout Christian women and restricts the full exercise of their gifts.” But instead of Gushee’s feminist inspired hopes, we hope that it will cause conservative evangelicals to rethink their inconsistent two-point complementarianism and see that God’s order for men and women applies to all spheres.

We hope that Sarah Palin’s nomination will cause Christians to see the extent to which feminism has infiltrated the Christian home and the Christian church.

My two cents

Sarah Palin's family at the announcement of Sa...
Sarah Palin’s family at the announcement of Sarah Palin as the VP candidate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That last sentence is what really gets my attention. It’s a good example of syncretism between Christianity and humanism, so if I’m true to my blog’s premise, I’ll do well to avoid it.

That means I’ll have to choose whether to follow the Bible (i.e. that it precedes feminism and political correctness) or whether it’s better to adopt ‘the enemy [Sarah Palin] of my enemy [feminists who reject the Bible] is my friend’. Maybe I could get more mileage by adopting the latter, but then again, if the test of love is obedience, I’ll go with the former and ultimately side with William Einwechter. Talk about loaded language from Professor Gushee.

Quote source

Einwechter, W. (2008). The Palin Predicament Resolved A Response to USA Today. Available: http://www.visionforumministries.org/issues/ballot_box/the_palin_predicament_resolved.aspx. Last accessed 15th Jul 2012.


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