Seven billion dollars—denied

Besides challenging the legitimacy of government schools, homeschoolers also pose a more direct economic threat. Funding for government schools is based on attendance, with a national average of almost $6,000 per student. Homeschooled children represent over $7 billion out of reach of local government schools, and, at its current growth rate, each year over $1 billion more slips away.

My two cents

Homeschooling - Gustoff family in Des Moines 024
Homeschooling – Gustoff family in Des Moines 024 (Photo credit:

Wow, no-one had told me that. Wasn’t it John Lennon who wrote that song with the lyric ‘Power to the People’? When I hear phrases like that, I tend to think of left-wing/humanistic political causes, so it’s nice to see it turned on its head for once.

I’m aware of that Already Gone DVD, but I keep hoping about this growing army of homeschooling children who come of age, start their own families, homeschool their children, and on and on it goes, turning into an avalanche. I’m so isolated from that but maybe I can be part of it one day.

Quote source

Cardiff, C. (1998). The Seduction of Homeschooling Families.Available: Last accessed 13th Jul 2012.


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