Alcoholics Anonymous knows where to begin

My position is clear: if you think you’re 100% dependent on your own wisdom and efforts, you are asking for trouble. You have a heavy load. I know that atheists can sober up, but Alcoholics Anonymous begins with an open statement of dependence on God. I think that’s a good place to begin.

My two cents

AA Big Book
AA Big Book (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you think of Alcoholics Anonymous, you probably don’t think of God and religion straight away. But when you learn more about the organisation, you notice how they are self-consciously reliant on God, and I like that attitude.

I once read about a man who hadn’t touched a beer in over 10 years, but he would still attend AlcAnon meetings. As much as counsellors and (other) recovering alcoholics can help current alcoholics, the quote is a good reminder that there’s more to overcoming addiction than human will and preference.

Quote source

North, G (2011). God, Gold, Groceries, and Guns. Available: Last accessed 12th Apr 2012.


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