Galileo’s affirmation of the Bible as history

…Galileo interpreted the account of the miracle of the long day of Joshua 10:12-15 as literal history, though he explained the stationary position of the sun in terms of Copernican theory and the language of appearance. He apparently also took the account of the creation of the sun on the fourth day of Genesis 1 to be literal history.

My two cents

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I like how Galileo seemingly accepted the historicity of the Old Testament. That begs the question of whether he would think the same way if he were alive today. I suppose we won’t know, but if we could know, I hope the answer would be yes. This book I’ve been reading from Terry Mortenson goes into lots of details about geologists in the 19th century, and I like how they were labelled as Scriptural geologists.

Quote source

Mortenson, T (2004). The Great Turning Point: The Church’s Catastrophic Mistake on Geology—Before Darwin. Green Forest: Master Books. p. 21.


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