Fred Nile at home in Parliament House

Because this new party [the Call to Australia political party] arrived in the Legislative Council [in the early 1980s], it was decided by the President that he should have a special seat halfway between the Government and the Opposition. Carpenters arrived into the upper house chamber and built a red leathered two person bus style seat right in the centre. It was rather prophetic that they should build two seats because Elaine Nile [wife of Fred Nile, the founder of the Call to Australia party] was elected to the Legislative Council in 1988.

My two cents

English: Photograph of Fred Nile, New South Wa...
English: Photograph of Fred Nile, New South Wales politician. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For this quote to be understood by anyone outside of Australia, I had to add three sets of square brackets to it. That disrupts things a bit, but it was important to get this quote out. I like the notion of husband and wives thinking the same way on political issues—much better than spouses who cancel each other out at the ballot box.

Quote source

Moyes, G. (2007). Fred Nile. Available: Last accessed 4th Mar 2012.


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