Slavery was part of democracy from the beginning

Under the Athenian democracy established ca. 508 BC slavery came to be used on a scale never before seen among the Greeks…Furthermore, slaves were no longer the preserve of the rich: all but the poorest of Athenian households came to have slaves to supplement the work of their free members.

My two cents

English: Recent shot of the Parthenon, Athens,...
Recent shot of the Parthenon, Athens, Greece (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think I like theocracy more than democracy i.e. when the two are in conflict, I might pick the former. As a result of that, it’s always interesting when opponents of theocracy play the slavery card, while forgetting (or not knowing) it was part of democracy, basically from the beginning. (Why don’t they teach that in school?) A biblical theocracy puts limits on slavery (indentured servitude), but a democracy need not.

In fairness, democracies also did a lot to end slavery, but any debates over democracy is often seen in a one-sided and biased way. Like I read once, democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.

Quote source

Wikimedia Foundation. (2012). Barbarian. Available: Last accessed 21st May 2012.


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