The comeback of religion in Australian politics

Religion is more visible now [2005] in Australian politics than for almost thirty years. During the last Federal Election an increasing number of Liberal politicians were seen openly extolling the virtues of Christianity and their commitment. Peter Costello made a pre election visit to Hillsong, the largest Pentecostal church in the country, a Liberal MP in Perth said that people should vote for Howard on the basis that he was a Christian, and the Prime Minister himself used his end of year address in parliament to deliver a mini sermon on Christianity.

My two cents

Peter Costello
Peter Costello (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thank God for Christianity re-emerging like this. Why didn’t the politicians of the ’80s and ’90s do the same? It looks like it reached boiling point, and now religion is restored to its proper place in politics (i.e. expressed rather than being suppressed).

I just hope these expressions translate themselves into godly and Biblical laws.

Quote source

Australian Broadcasting Corporation. (2005). Kevin Rudd: The God Factor. Available: Last accessed 4th Mar 2012


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