Following the Holy Spirit to the Word

By what standard do we obey him [God]?…

Some use spirituality or the leading of the spirit as their sole rule…for now, I’ll only say that the leading of the Holy Spirit will never be towards anything contrary to the word of God. Otherwise you’re suggesting some sort of a schizophrenia in the Godhead, that the spirit will tell you something other than what the revealed word of God says.

My two cents

Holy Spirit painting
Holy Spirit painting (Photo credit: hickory hardscrabble)

Schizophrenia in the Godhead—that’s an eye-opener. How true it is that people, when they’re supposedly led by the Spirit—to do the opposite of what the Bible teaches—are taking a schizophrenic approach to their religious lives. I wish someone had pointed out this concept to me years ago.

It reminds me of the Comma Johanneum. I’ve heard of theologians debate its authenticity, but even if it’s not authentic, it still shows the agreement between Spirit and Word from an extrabiblical source.

Quote source

Rushdoony, M. (2012). Mark Rushdoony – Introduction to Biblical Law. Available: Last accessed 8th May 2012.


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