Enemies of God, but not armchair theology

If we were to go back a 100 years to the first edition of The Times, the event of the street preachers would have been reported differently. Back then, it most probably would have been members of the Salvation Army preaching against sodomy, divorce, drunkenness, fornication, adultery, lying and the like and we would have thanked them for it, knowing that these vices were destructive to our community. One must ask what has changed in this “Post Modern” era. The Bible says God has not changed – He is holy, righteous, just, love, sovereign and eternal. The only conclusion is society has changed, expressed perhaps by the editorial view [of the newspaper]. At a time in our nation’s history when so few hear or read the Bible, we somehow have become experts on the subject of God, ready and quick to make judgements regarding Him.

My two cents

View west from bluff at Victor Harbor, South A...
View west from bluff at Victor Harbor, South Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This quote came from a letter to the editor of the local newspaper for Victor Harbor. The newspaper previously reported on a group of street preachers from Adelaide who were supposedly ‘invading’ Victor Harbor with their religious message. I liked Mark Higgins’ defence of their practice.

Occasionally, one will hear of anti-Christians accusing Christians of being ‘wilfully ignorant’ on a given issue, especially one that has links with science, humanistic academia, or something politicised by the left. I can flip that around by saying it’s surprising how many anti-Christians are wilfully ignorant of the Bible, yet go on to make a newfangled interpretation of it—and then seek to impose that on their enemies.

As a case in point, I once saw some footage of the street preachers in question. An anti-Christian activist approached them, and both sides asked each other what’s the definition of sin. I forget the exact words, but the anti-Christian activist mentioned something about it separating you from God (which has an element of truth, but was hiding behind a generic, vague, revisionist, and nebulous smokescreen).

In reply, the street preacher said that sin is defined as the transgression of God’s law (quoting straight from 1 John 3:4).

The wilfully ignorant anti-Christian activist had no comeback to that.

Quote source

Higgins, M. (2012). Preachers Invade? (letter to the editor of The Times, 20 January 2012). Available: http://iframe.victorharbortimes.com.au/letterstotheeditor/detailops.asp?class=your+say&opinion_id=213294¤t_page=1. Last accessed 22nd Apr 2012.


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